Stockpiling Memories

Storing away memories
like a squirrel stores nuts
before the winter cuts in
They’re leaving soon
so I’m storing fast
gathering memories
before they pass
Walks around the block
as we laugh and talk
steaming tea in our favorite mugs
curry soup and extra long hugs
I tuck these memories
into the safe places
in my heart –
stockpiling the memories
for when we’re apart

-Karen Molenaar Terrell

“We think of an absent friend as easily as we do of one present.”
-Mary Baker Eddy

2 thoughts on “Stockpiling Memories

  1. A heartfelt sentiment so beautifully expressed, Karen. I’ve saved it for printing. I find myself at a point of familiarity with the departure of friends. Your resolve to store the memories touches and inspires me.

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