“It just doesn’t matter…”

“It matters not what be thy lot

so love doth guide,

for storm or shine pure peace is thine

what e’er be tide.” – Mary Baker Eddy

In the last couple days a scene from Meatballs has been playing in my mind: Bill Murray is giving a pep talk to the campers at a summer camp who are feeling a lot of angst and anxiety and worry because they are about to compete against the rival camp in the annual athletic competition, and they know they’re going to lose. Bill Murray tells them it “just doesn’t matter.”  It doesn’t matter if the other team has more money and better athletes, it doesn’t matter if they lose, and it doesn’t matter if they win. It just doesn’t matter.

Weirdly, that scene really inspires me. 🙂

It just doesn’t matter. All the failures, and screw-ups, the petty rivalries, the jealousy, anger, bickerings, and slights, all the nonsense of our lives just doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things,  We’ll learn from all of it, and progress – and that’s all good. And really, the only thing that matters is the love in our lives – the love we express, the love we share, the love we feel.

I’ve got to get going here – have to get on with my day. I will probably screw-up today at some point. Mistakes will probably be made. And it just doesn’t matter. Because Love will be there, no matter what else befalls…

I love you!

8 thoughts on ““It just doesn’t matter…”

  1. I don’t know if you purposely changed “not” to “now” in the quoted hymn, but it works.It does not matter what error is doing or suggesting that you should do. It does matter NOW what you are thinking (lot). And the next second it will matter NOW what you are thinking and the next… ❤

  2. I don’t know if you purposely changed “not” to “now” in the hymn you quoted, but it works! It doesn’t matter what error is up to or suggesting what you should be doing. It DOES matter NOW what you are thinking (lot). And the next moment it matters NOW what you are thinking, and the next moment it matters NOW what you are thinking…..Now is all there is to eternity.

  3. Thanks Karen! You are SO right! If we are doing our best to act according to our highest sense of right, — we’ll still screw it up anyways sometimes! But sometimes if we just forge ahead, we have beautiful opportunities to be surprised. I apologize in advance for the length of this, but it seems that you of all people would appreciate this! I had an interesting experience a couple of years ago with this hymn as well.

    I work in a CS assisted living home, and we had a very dear woman in residence with us who was quite up in years. Her metaphysics were through the roof – you could just feel it when you walked into her room. She was in need of a very, very soft mattress cover to lie on. Sheep’s fleece would have been ideal, but would have taken some time to get. I went to the fabric store that night on my way home, found a micro-fiber fabric that was amazingly soft and decided to make her a reversible quilted blanket of the fabric with fiberfill batting inside to give it some loft.

    By the time I got home it was 7:00. By the time I had dinner, had the fabric layers laid out and pieced together it was 8:30. I stitched around the edges, but realized that I would need to make several lines of stitching down the length and across the width of it so that the batting would stay in place when it would be washed. Well . . . sitting at my sewing machine, crammed up against the wall in a corner of my bedroom, I realized just what a daunting task this was. The bulk of the thing was tremendous and I couldn’t imagine how it would ever fit through the arm of the sewing machine. I quietly began cursing myself for always being the one to take on such “impossible” projects, speculating that I would probably be up until 2:00 in the morning working on it, and then, because of the bulk I would probably – guess what – screw it up!! because I wouldn’t be able to see where the lines of stitching would be and so of course they would wind up crooked!

    But in that same moment, the thought of this incredible, dear woman came to me and I felt such love for her. And I knew what I was doing was based in love. In one brief and sudden moment I felt the nearness of my mother, my grandmother, and my CS Sunday school teacher — all of whom were phenomenal seamstresses, and I heard “so Love doth guide”. And I thought Okay. And then I heard – “No, — you’re not listening: SEW!! Love doth guide!!” After I finished wiping away the tears of gratitude and relief, I just sewed until all the lines of stitching were done. It was incredibly bulky and I couldn’t see where I was sewing at all, just had to let Love guide. It came to me a couple of times that I was most likely going to screw it up – anyone looking at it would never know that I was an experienced seamstress! But each time I banished the thought and wouldn’t give it any power. I finished, and glanced at the clock. It was 11:00 – no, not 2:00 a.m.! I cleaned everything up, folded up the new “quilted mattress cover”, and shut off the light. Then it came to me to turn the light back on and hold the piece up to the full length mirror. Every line was perfectly straight and the lines were all equidistant from each other! I brought the blanket in the next morning, and it was gratefully used until our dear friend passed on a short time later.

    Many months later there was an interesting follow up . . . we had been storing some of this woman’s possessions, along with a number of other things that had to be sorted through. Things that would be donated to a resale shop, or put into our yard sale. Among those things I discovered a beautiful blue Japanese sewing machine, found out that it had been hers, and all of her sewing supplies. I had had no idea that she had been a seamstress as well. Needless to say, I “inherited” her sewing machine – a constant reminder to just go ahead and sew — Love doth guide!!

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