It Just Doesn’t Matter, Really

I love that scene in *Meatballs* where Bill Murray is giving his team a “motivational speech” – if you’ve never seen it, go on youtube and type in “Meatballs It Just Doesn’t Matter” and it should pop up for you.

And it really just DOESN’T matter, does it? 🙂

It just doesn't matter.

photo by Karen Molenaar Terrell

“It just doesn’t matter…”

“It matters not what be thy lot

so love doth guide,

for storm or shine pure peace is thine

what e’er be tide.” – Mary Baker Eddy

In the last couple days a scene from Meatballs has been playing in my mind: Bill Murray is giving a pep talk to the campers at a summer camp who are feeling a lot of angst and anxiety and worry because they are about to compete against the rival camp in the annual athletic competition, and they know they’re going to lose. Bill Murray tells them it “just doesn’t matter.”  It doesn’t matter if the other team has more money and better athletes, it doesn’t matter if they lose, and it doesn’t matter if they win. It just doesn’t matter.

Weirdly, that scene really inspires me. 🙂

It just doesn’t matter. All the failures, and screw-ups, the petty rivalries, the jealousy, anger, bickerings, and slights, all the nonsense of our lives just doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things,  We’ll learn from all of it, and progress – and that’s all good. And really, the only thing that matters is the love in our lives – the love we express, the love we share, the love we feel.

I’ve got to get going here – have to get on with my day. I will probably screw-up today at some point. Mistakes will probably be made. And it just doesn’t matter. Because Love will be there, no matter what else befalls…

I love you!