What are you waiting for?

This thought came to me this morning – and I think there actually might be something profound in it – but I ain’t sure. I guess I’ll post it and then think about it some more. If any of you has any thoughts you’d care to share about “waiting” – I’d be most appreciative.


2 thoughts on “What are you waiting for?

  1. O Life Divine that OWNS each waiting hour … illustrating to us moment by moment perfection but needs our attentive appreciation to experience its fullness. I tried this gem whenever I am bored or felt a blank space in my life but pause and reliability of some idea did show up to amuse me and delight me. Yes! Eventhough may not be that something I yearn for but it actually prepares me to be fully aware what I yearn for comes in due time. I learnt to Trust my “Super Curator” to arrange the events of my life than human will and anxiety of wants.

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