Paper Clips. Who could have guessed it would be paper clips?

Paper clips.  Who could have guessed
that paper clips would become
my talisman? Two years ago I needed one.
There were none to be found
in my entire home. I took a break
from my paper clip search to run errands.
A few hours later my car was stalled –
bum alternator – and I was waiting
for a tow truck. A few hours more –
after many wonderful adventures
and new heroes and friends met –
and I was picking up my car
from the repair shop when I looked
down and saw a paper clip winking
up at me from the pavement.  A symbol
of prayers answered. A symbol of supply.
A symbol of protection. A reminder
to trust.  A wink to make me laugh out loud.

And it has been paper clips ever since:
On the floor of my dad’s doctor’s office;
on the stairs at work during a challenging day;
on a sidewalk as I grieved Mom’s passing.

Just when I feel the most alone,
and the most bereft, a paper clip will appear
to remind me that I am always connected
to Love. A paper clip will appear to bring
me a smile and a lift to my heart.

Paper clips. Who could have guessed
it would be paper clips?
– Karen Molenaar Terrell
yellow paper clipP.S. I found an interesting article on the invention of the paper clip.  The article states: “During the Nazi occupation of Norway in World War II, Norwegians made the paper clip a symbol of national unity. Prohibited from wearing buttons imprinted with the Norwegian king’s initials, they fastened paper clips to their lapels in a show of solidarity and opposition to the occupation. Wearing a paper clip was often reason enough for arrest.”

Wow! Hail to the humble paper clip!

3 thoughts on “Paper Clips. Who could have guessed it would be paper clips?

  1. Hahaha! This is great! I have something similar in my life, that’s….odd. I find bobbie pins, and have since my MIL passed away. She was the only person in my life who used them, and I’ve found them in the strangest places since her death. Including in our freezer! Whether it’s her reaching out from beyond, or just a coincidence, it comforts me and makes me think about her every time I find one, and I choose to believe it’s the former. Some think I’m crazy or reading too much into it, but the timing of finding them, and the unusual locations I’ve found them in, makes me a believer. 😃

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