2 thoughts on “A Walking Piece of History

  1. This was great. I always love the trips and adventures you have with your father. He is still a handsome man. I try not to think about age, but from the photos I have seen of him, even with his walker I would never believe he is nearly 100. I read a lot of “unauthorized ” Christian Science books that I find on Amazon and elsewhere and some of the people who have written books about their time with Mrs Eddy in her last days claim that she had planned on retiring from the everyday world and concentrate on the problems of aging and was hoping to make a demonstration over it. But with all the law suits and betrayals , she got bogged down and finally succumbed . It is very interesting reading! Take care! Rick

    • Rick! You found my Bellingham blog! How awesome to see your name pop up on this one! Yeah… I’m having to deal with a lot of my own issues with the age thing lately. I am learning a lot. 🙂 As Bette Davis said: “Old age ain’t no place for sissies.”

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