Drives with Dad (10-11-17)

Over the past year or so I’ve been chronicling the drives I take with my dad (now 99). This morning I thought I’d share the most recent adventure with my WordPress friends –

“I’m Running for President”
October 11, 2017

Picked Dad up for a drive to Urgent Care this morning.
As we’re getting him down the stairs and to the car –
Dad: I’m running for President.
Karen: (involuntary grin – Dad appears to be in fine form this morning) I’d vote for you!
Dad: Do you really think I’d make a good President?
Karen: I think you’d be great!
(As we situate him in the car.)
Dad: I don’t want to bring my walker. I don’t think you can be President if you have a walker.
Karen: Roosevelt had polio. He used a brace.
Dad: (nodding his head) That’s true. But he had a lot of people backing him. (An old receipt starts to work its way out of my car as Dad moves his feet in – I pick up the receipt and shove it back into the car.)
Dad: I don’t think anyone would vote for a President with a messy car.
(I start laughing.)
Dad: I wonder how many other old men in this nation are trying to get into a car right now.

As we drive to Urgent Care Dad talks more about his campaign for Presidency.
Dad: I think you should run for President. You’re a teacher. What more do you need to be? (Thinking.) I wonder how many other daughters are driving their fathers around right now?

I help Dad out of the car and into the waiting room at Urgent Care.
Dad: Do Peter and David  know about your attempt to make me President?
(I shake my head no. I don’t really know how to respond to that one.)
Dad: How do we know when the joke’s gone far enough? When do they eliminate me?
Karen: (I assume Dad’s talking about being eliminated from the presidential race – but he’s talking really loud and everyone can hear him, and I don’t want there to be any misunderstandings.) Daddy, no one’s going to eliminate you.

We have a wait. Other people who arrived after us have now been called to the back rooms. I ask the receptionist if maybe Dad’s been forgotten. She goes to check for me and discovers his chart is missing, and there was some miscommunication somewhere – one nurse thought the other nurse was looking at Dad, and the other nurse thought the first nurse was looking at Dad. Everyone’s very apologetic and Dad is quickly brought into the triage room. Soon he’s been diagnosed and given a prescription and we are on our way. I stop at Dairy Queen to buy him a root beer float – he has earned it, for sure. He focuses on his float. He’s no longer talking about his bid for the Presidency.

I drive him back to his home, and we unload him. I bring a package in with me that his nephew, Brad, sent him and read to Dad the enclosed note from Brad. Brad has sent him a screen dealy that is loaded with a memory card of thousands of pictures taken by Dad. Dad is smiling – really grateful for this gift. I tell him I need to get back to school now.

Dad: Thank you for driving me around this morning.
Karen: I love you, Daddy.
Dad: I love you, too.




5 thoughts on “Drives with Dad (10-11-17)

  1. I loved this as usual! I experienced many talks while driving my father also. Sometimes they were humorous , sometimes very profound. I miss those drives now. …..well maybe we are getting out of the Hurricane season down here now. It was getting to the point that it felt normal to have one brewing somewhere nearby. We are the only place in the world though that has a secondary Tornado season in the fall so that is next I guess! Ha! …Speaking of talking Christian Science with folks, do you get the same thing I get now? Most people think I am a member of the Church of Scientology these days. I never used to get that long ago, I guess cause Scientology is in the news a lot more now. I am the sort of Christian Scientist who finds Science and Health fascinating and just maybe true but I still don’t know if I would have the faith to trust it if I were seriously ill. I am very much a skeptic on most things. But I always keep in the back of mind something I witnessed about 20 years ago. I personally saw the healing of medically diagnosed terminal cancer with Christian Science. The lady is still living today. I can never get that out of my mind. I guess it could just be some sort of fluke or one of those spontaneous remissions you hear of , but it was pretty impressive to witness. Well, take care! Rick

    • Rick, it is always a pleasure to see your name pop up here! I’ve been wondering where you were – I don’t think I’ve heard from you since the last hurricane and I’ve been a little worried.

      Yeah. People confuse Christian Science with Scientology sometimes. “The Christian Science church was founded by a woman named Mary Baker Eddy in 1879, ” I tell them, “and Scientology was founded about 100 years later by a science fiction writer named L. Ron Hubbard. Very different people. Very different ways of looking at the world.”

      I know – there have been several times in my life when I’ve witnessed or experienced healings in Christian Science that have been really extraordinary, from a human standpoint – impossible to discount or forget. But I also hear you when you say, “I still don’t know if I would have the faith to trust it if I were seriously ill.” I figure we do what we feel we need to do for ourselves – whether we go to a medical doctor, or turn to CS – and trust that Love will always be there with us, getting us through. ❤

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