“She’s fine!”

Dad is lying in bed watching “Gunsmoke” on television. He looks up and sees me and smiles.
Dad: Hi, sweetheart!
Karen: Hi, Daddy!
(He reaches up to pull me into a hug…)
Dad: I love you!
Karen: I love you, too!
(I pull a chair next to Dad’s bed and sit down to watch Matt Dillon outfox the bad guys. Dad reaches out and clasps my hand and we hold hands companionably for a while.)
Dad: Did you stop by to see Mom on the way over?
Karen: (Keeping my eyes on the television.) Nope.
(We watch the show together for a time – Newly has escaped being held hostage by the bad guys, been shot and left for dead, and then managed to make it to the stagecoach in time to warn Matt Dillon that the bad guys are waiting for him.)
Dad: Are you going to see Mom and Pop when you leave here?
(This is the first time Dad has ever asked me if I’m going to see “Pop” – I’m thinking he must be referring to his mother and father – but I’m not sure who he thinks I am now. I contemplate how to answer his question, but come up nada. Scott enters the room…)
Dad: Hi, Scotty!
Scott: Hi, Dee!
Dad: How’s your wife?
Scott: (Without missing a beat.) She’s fine!

“Gunsmoke” ends. It’s time to go.
Karen: I love you, Daddy.
Dad: I love you, Karen.

2 thoughts on ““She’s fine!”

  1. Hello Karen. I just wanted to leave a note and tell you how much this moved me. You have really been writing some great stuff here lately and I have been reading but I have had a lot going on and have not commented , but I loved them just the same . My 15 year old beloved mutt left us this week . I found him on the side of the road when he was 3 months old and he has been with me everyday since. It hurt even more than I thought it would. So tonight I read your post and the tears came easily, and somehow it made me feel a little better. Love, Rick

    • Oh Rick! I’m so very sorry to hear about the passing of your beloved mutt! And I’m so glad that my post was able to bring you some comfort! I hope you know how much your words mean to me – as soon as I see your name come up I instantly find myself smiling. Bless you, dear friend!

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