A Message from my Younger Self

Found an old journal from probably 40 years ago as I was sorting through old boxes and bins.

I word-doodled (this was a free write ramble – there was no organization to it): “Even if ten years from now you’re not the same person, this person that you were really existed and lived. Love and trust and beauty aren’t magical – they’re real – and you can take them with you wherever you go. Be happy that you’re alive for this one moment of peace and contentment when you have everything you need.”

I think I needed the voice of my younger self speaking to me today from the before-times.


2 thoughts on “A Message from my Younger Self

  1. Beautiful post! I needed this today. I happened to be in the area where I had an apartment when I was in my early 20’s and I drove past and actually sat in the car in my old parking spot and looked up at the old house. It is a very old two story house divided into four apartments and I lived in one of the second floor ones. My old air conditioner and a decal that I put on the window are actually still there- to my surprise. I just sat there for a moment, with my car windows down , drenched in the Alabama heat and humidity , and just watched and listened. I guess I was hoping to see something from long ago. Love, Rick

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