The Shutdown Is Not Working for Us

Dear Republican Senators:
The Government shutdown is not working for us. You are not serving the best interests of the people who elected you to represent them.

The bill that the House of Representatives recently passed is the exact same bill you passed, unanimously, only a month ago. There is no good reason not to pass it again. Please stop holding the American people hostage. Pass the bill, get the government working again, PAY THE GOVERNMENT WORKERS AND STOP TREATING THEM LIKE FREE LABOR (give them a raise while you’re at it – Lord knows they’ve earned it), and THEN talk about The Wall with the Democrats.

You all know there are better ways of protecting our borders than a wall. You all know about the technology we have available to us in the 21st century to protect our borders (and if you don’t know about this technology, perhaps now is the time to get acquainted with it) – technology that would make a wall obsolete.

If McConnell won’t do the right thing, then it is time for you to remove him as your majority leader, and get on with fixing this mess.

Karen Molenaar Terrell


Mitch McConnell: Do the Right Thing

Mitch McConnell –

You were elected to serve the people who live in this nation. You were entrusted with great power, and with great responsibility. People are trusting you to do the right thing – to put the well-being, rights, and prosperity of the people you were elected to serve ahead of politics. End this government shut down. Put the bill that the House just passed that would end the shutdown (the same bill the Senate approved unanimously a few weeks ago) in front of the Senate for another vote and get our government running again. It’s time to stop holding the lives of the American people hostage.

Karen Molenaar Terrell