Tartan Kippah

Last weekend a new friend invited me to a Jewish service – she was providing the food for the oneg Shabbat afterwards. I’d never been inside a Jewish temple before, and was really looking forward to this opportunity.

The service was of the Reformed Jewish type – informal and friendly – we all sat in a circle and sang songs and heard stories. It was cool. The rabbi conducting the service was a woman – attractive and funny,  intelligent and kind.  After the service was over, we all went downstairs and feasted on the food of the oneg Shabbat – breads and fruits, and sandwiches and triple chocolate cake.  Chocolate and new friends and a new adventure. Can it get any better than this?

And I’ve just got to share this picture – one of the temple’s members was wearing a kippah made out of a material with a Scottish tartan pattern on it – it totally cracked me up – he started laughing when I asked him about it. He actually got this one when he was visiting Israel – he’s partly Scottish, and this tartan happens to match his Scottish family tartan!  Here’s Doug in his tartan kippah:

Doug and his way cool yamulke