“What have we got to work with here?”

  Soul has infinite resources with which to bless mankind… – 
Mary Baker Eddy

I recently found myself with a task in front of me that seemed insurmountable. There was a shortage of time and waaaay too much to do. I took a deep breath and asked myself, “Okay, what have we got to work with here?” That question had me thinking about that scene from The Princess Bride where Wesley the Farmboy asks, “What are our assets?” and takes stock of all that he and his allies have going for them – in their case they had a wheelbarrow, a holocaust cloak, and “brains, strength, and steel.”  I realized I had all the unlimited good of God available to me – I had all the intelligence I needed, all the inspiration I needed, all the energy and strength and courage I needed to get done what needed to be done.

And, in the end, I found I did! 🙂