What If I Just Pulled Myself Out of the Game?

Whoah. Now here’s a thought:
What if I just pulled myself out of the game?
No one’s forcing me to play, after all.
I have a choice to participate in the shame and blame,
or let that ball fall, and not get pulled into the brawl.

Remember what Jesus said to those
who wanted to stone that woman?
“He that is without sin among you,
let him first cast a stone at her.”
And then he stooped down
and wrote on the ground
as the shamers went away one by one
until there were none.

They had wanted him to play in their game,
but he had more important things to do
with his time here – heal the deaf, blind, the lame,
and establish a new way of living – a true
way of caring for each other and our world.

He showed us how to love.
-Karen Molenaar Terrell

Everyone Blessed

The sun doesn’t choose to rise
on some and not others.
Everyone’s blessed.
-Karen Molenaar Terrell

(Photos of the sun rising in Bow, Washington, this morning. Photos by Karen Molenaar Terrell.)

“He maketh His sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.”
– Matthew 5:45

“Love is impartial and universal in its adaptations and bestowals.”
– Mary Baker Eddy