Do You Have the Mind of God?

Years ago, when I was having class instruction in Christian Science, our teacher asked one of my classmates if her Mind was God. I remember she hesitated to answer at first – maybe the idea of saying that her Mind was God seemed sort of pompous? And then she answered, “Yes?” Our teacher smiled and nodded in confirmation, and it came to my classmates and I that, of course, God is our Mind – God is the ONLY Mind, after all. Reasoning from that standpoint, it followed that God is also our Life – which meant our Life was unending; God is also our Love – which meant we were never outside of Love’s reach; God is also our Truth – which meant Truth isn’t something we have to acquire – we know, right now, everything Truth knows.

It was a revelation.

Lately, I’ve found myself contemplating more the Mind that is God. There are a couple of things that have brought me to this contemplation in recent years – my centenarian father was diagnosed with vascular dementia in the last years of his life; I have several friends who have loved ones who have been diagnosed with dementia; and one of my favorite celebrities has recently been diagnosed with dementia. And so I’ve found myself turning to the contemplation of our never-ending Mind.

Feel the presence of infinite Love,
enfolding, protecting, all-powerful.
Feel the presence of Life,
filling all space, without end, all-present.
Feel the presence of infinite Mind,
guiding and governing, all-knowing.

God is the one Mind – eternal, infinite, never-ending, filling all space, always and forever. God is infinite intelligence – infinite Love, Truth, Life, Soul, Spirit, Principle, Mind. Mind is Love.

We are the expressions and manifestations of infinite Mind. We express intelligence, immortal memory, kindness, honesty, clarity. We are eternal because Mind is eternal. We are tied directly to our Father-Mother God – never separated from Mind. There is no spot where Mind is not. There is no time when Mind is not. There is no time or place, in or out, within or without, when Mind ceases or intelligence disappears. We ARE because God is.

The belief that we can ever be separated from Mind or lose our Mind or be without a Mind is a lie, for God is our Mind, always and forever. The belief that God’s children can ever suffer from dementia or insanity is a lie, for all we can be is what God made us to be, what God is Herself. Nothing has the power to usurp Mind’s government of Her own creation – for Mind is the only power and presence.

The truth is, we can’t ever lose our Mind – where would It go?

God, Mind, is all-in-all, eternally.


“Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus: Who, having the nature of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God.”
-Philippians 2:5-6

Blue Cosmos (photo by Karen Molenaar Terrell)

When You Share

When you share
your rainbow photo –
and I share mine –
we are adding
to what we both perceive –
connecting to the divine.
I share my words
and you share your art
and we bring each other
into a bigger part
of the Whole.
If what we are
is beyond our bodies
and includes everything
we perceive –
then sharing our perceptions
with each other
helps us to conceive
something bigger;
helps us leave
the limits of our own
limited points of view –
helps us see a bigger picture
of what is whole and true.
-Karen Molenaar Terrell

(Rainbow over a barn in Bow, WA. Karen Molenaar Terrell.)

Rainbow Over Padilla Bay. Photo by Karen Molenaar Terrell.