Dear WordPress friends –

Dear WordPress friends –

Thank you for sharing your lives here – I appreciate all of it – the photos and poetry, your wisdom and celebrations. I’m touched by your stories of loss and grief, and inspired by your stories of challenges overcome, and I love joining you on your travels to distant lands.

I know that when you find yourself on MY blog you may feel like you’ve entered some weird alternative universe where butterflies and unicorns cavort with senators and presidents, and rainbows and autumn leaves frame parodies by Borowitz. And if anyone finds that a little unnerving, I understand. But I figure you can just scroll by the stuff that doesn’t interest you, right? 🙂

For those of you who visit my blog now and then – thank you! And thank you, again, for sharing your thoughts and lives with me. It means something to me to be connected with you here on WordPress.


Okay – this is kind of cool: It’s taken me five years, but my blog now has 900 followers. Which… I mean… 900 is three times as many as the number of Spartans who beat King Xerxes. 900 is more than the margin between Bush and Gore in Florida in 2000. 900 passengers won’t fit on the biggest passenger airplaneTony Hawke landed a 900 at the age of 48 and made a youtube about it – yes, that’s how cool it is… of course… 1000 followers would be even cooler (hint, hint), but still…

Ahem. Just had to share this momentous WordPress moment with you. Alrighty. Carry on then…