Ripples by Xander Terrell


Faded trees blown by the breeze so gently
Shaded spots on the trail where the sun takes a break
Where critters hide in the dirt and running shoes land

A bright lake that doesn’t miss a thing when it reflects
Precious surroundings surreally cloning them
And placing them at my feet

If I sketch this lake and take it home with me
Will I steal its beauty or duplicate it
As it duplicates the leaves and the mountains

Sketches all its own marred perfectly with ripples
Places where tiny forces play god with the landscape
Proudly asserting their own artwork as supreme

– Xander Terrell

(cover art by Xander Terrell)

Where Happiness Lives by Xander Terrell

Where Happiness Lives

Golden lights
And the deepest shadows
Smiling faces illuminated by life
A commodity where I come from
An inherent condition here
Where joy runs rampant
Like that one naked man who
In the presence of a police officer
Streaked across the town in the wake
Of the city-wide party
The officer laughing in mutual enjoyment
Before calling the man by his first name
As a friend and a neighbor
To get his shit together

– Xander Terrell, from Where Happiness Lives

(cover art by Xander Terrell)

Artful Living by Xander Terrell

Artful Living

Drip drip teardrops tripping in your chest
Slip don’t slip black dog nipping it’s a test
Cold water hand crafted by the best
Really wild creatures washing up the mess

Feet sliding and or jumping to the beat
Hands clapping applauding what a feat
Vibrant forms made lifeless by the heat
Everyone faces death unless you cheat

Artful living quite the fine flowing craft
They’ve seen the world but only on a map
Listening angrily be cautious kid it’s a trap
Followed fleeting idyllic sunshine and laughed

– Xander Terrell, from the book Artful Living


cover image by Alexander Terrell

Birthing Books

If books are an author’s children, then I am now a grand-author. 🙂 The youngest son published his first book yesterday – a book of poetry – and it’s FANTASTIC! I mean… really FANTASTIC! I knew the son had some talent from the scribblings I’d chanced upon now and then while tidying the house. But when he generously shared his poems with me a couple of days ago, my mouth, literally, fell open! Ahem… and like any proud grandma, I have to share a photo of my new grand-book, right?



And a couple weeks ago I found myself giving birth to another book myself – a Christmas book. In August. Yeah, I know. But our books come when they come (and don’t when they don’t, too), and my Christmas book decided to come in August. And my fellow authors will understand that, once the labor begins, there is no way to stop the book from coming…

Here’s the paperback link (it’s also available as a Kindle book) –

The_Madcap_Christian_Cover_for_Kindle (6)

I love books. We can never have too many. We can never be over-populated with them. More! More! Give me more to write! Give me more to read! 🙂