Marriage Equality

When I think about that day I can’t imagine why anyone would want to deny others the same right to make a life-long commitment in marriage with the partner they love…


We were blest to have the talented Robert Harbison as our wedding photographer that day…

Immersed in Nature

When I’m outside, amongst trees and birds, or standing on a beach looking towards the sea, I feel connected to something beyond myself. It’s impossible for me to feel lonely, or depressed, or friendless, when I’m immersed in the life of creation.


Photo of 700 year-old tree in Deception Pass, Washington, by Karen Molenaar Terrell.

A Career

A career is a precious thing. And those times when I’ve been inspired to go beyond the duties, responsibilities, and orders – those times when I’ve been more concerned about doing the right thing than “meeting expectations”  – those are the times when I most honored the gift of my career, and claimed ownership of it.

A Career

photo by Karen Molenaar Terrell

New Immigrants

Why would any of us – descendants of immigrants ourselves – want to deny others the same opportunities we and our ancestors had?


photo of a schooner in Bellingham Bay by Karen Molenaar Terrell

Can I just hate this one person this one time?

“Can I just hate this one person this one time?” I asked Myself. “He’s killed without remorse. Been cruel beyond imagining. Surely he deserves to be hated?”

“Will it help you to hate? Will it help anyone to hate?” Myself asked me in return…