There is Nothing More Powerful

Sister, you are not invisible to us. You are not forgotten. You are not alone. You express the motherhood of Love, and there is nothing more powerful.

motherhood 2

photo by Karen Molenaar Terrell

Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day! May your employer appreciate your talents and skills. May you be treated with respect, and have work that’s meaningful. May you be recognized as a valuable resource. May your employer be grateful for you. You may be a public servant, but you are not a public slave. Amen.

labor day

photo of the Seattle skyline by Karen Molenaar Terrell

The Time for Smartassery is Upon Us

My friends, the time for Humor is upon us.  If ever there was a need for laughter it is now. If ever there was a place for courageous irreverence it is here. If ever a world was in need of smartassery, it is our world. Gird your funny bones, armor yourselves with laughter, make powerless bullying, bigotry, and bossybritches  bunkum with your good-natured wit and brave hearts.  Go out there and make ‘em laugh!

the time for humor

photo by Karen Molenaar Terrell

A Prayer for Peace

Love, may the world know You today.
May all of creation feel the power of You.
May creation feel the joy and healing of Your touch.
May all of creation – sisters and brothers of Your making -
know themselves and each other as made in Your image -
the expressions of Love, with nothing inside or outside
of identity that’s not the pure expression of Love.

Truth, may Your power and strength fill all space,
light the dark places of the world, lift the veil of fear and confusion,
reveal and transform and fill us with courage.

Life, may we feel Your endless energy and boundless beauty,
never-ending, never dying, eternal, whole, complete,
filling all space.

Made in Your likeness, creation only expresses You.
All we can know is what Truth knows.
All we can feel is what Love feels.
All Creation is the expression of Peace.