Right Here; Right Now

I had this moment of clarity today –
everything stilled within me
and I realized
I didn’t have to be
anywhere else
or be doing
anything else
or be
anyone else
or wait for
any other time –
I had everything I needed
to be happy
right there,
right then,
in that moment.
-Karen Molenaar Terrell.

Today Let’s Accept the Joy

There will always be things
to worry about
But right now I feel joy
Every chapter has new  challenges –
something to fear and some fear
to overcome
But today I feel joy
Worries will always be with us
if we pay them the time
But in this moment I feel joy.

We did good, you and I – we did good
We worked and met the challenges,
made a home and raised a fine family
and, though there are still worries
waiting for us down the road,
let’s take a moment and rejoice in
what we have and where we are
and what we’ve done with our lives.
Today let’s accept the joy.

– Karen Molenaar Terrell



Happy for the Fun of It

Happy for the fun of it…:)

happy for the fun

I love this clip of a happy penguin that came through Facebook today – there he is, hopping around in the snow while the grown-ups stand there watching him. No one else is joining him in his frolic – but he doesn’t care if he’s hopping around alone. He doesn’t need any reason to be happy. He doesn’t need others to be happy with him.  He’s just happy for the sheer fun of it…