The Really Important Things

When I’ve read memoirs about the Holocaust it’s always struck me how – as the insanity played out on the political stage – people continued to go about their lives – going on walks, going to work, going to school, getting married, celebrating birthdays, celebrating life. It always struck me as kind of odd. But today, as I was corresponding with a dear friend, I had a kind of epiphany about it. We are, right now, living through a time that will probably be considered “historic” at some point. And we continue to go on our walks in the sunshine, and go to work, and go after our dreams, and get married, and celebrate life. And we have to, don’t we? I mean, this is our one chance at life. And if we let it all be dictated by politics – if we focused all our time and attention on the stuff that’s going on in Washington, DC – we’d never get a chance to have the sunshine, and to dance and laugh and sing and do all the really important things.

So, while we’re battling all the insanity in DC, let’s not forget to also make time for ourselves to do the things in life that bring us joy.



“Doctor, am I dying?”

“No, you’re living.”

Am I dying

photo of sailboat on Bellingham Bay by Karen Molenaar Terrell

That IS Life!

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans – John Lennon

I use to think if I could just get through this appointment, and that meeting, and the scheduled event I could get on with living my life – and then it hit me – WHOAH – that stuff IS my life! I know. Duh, right?

that is my life

photo of the Seattle skyline by Karen Molenaar Terrell